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Saboga Your Daily Treat is a franchise with "full business format franchise", which offer exclusive right for franchisee to operate a store using the brand Saboga Your Daily Treat. We offer:

why choose us

strong brand image and network

Saboga Your Daily Treat already has a powerful brand image in the public’s eye, and with the growing network of operational branches, especially those in strategic locations targeted at the upper-middle class segment, Saboga Your Daily Treat’s brand will only grow stronger within the industry.

High Quality Products

Saboga Your Daily Treat has and will continually put the quality of its products and services first in managing its business. Due to this, it can be said for certain that Saboga Your Daily Treat will give its best for the development of its business in the future for its franchisees.


Comprehensive support, strong commitment, and professionalism are some of Saboga Your Daily Treat management’s defining characteristics. Support from Saboga Your Daily Treat management will provide many benefits to its franchisees, both managerially and operationally.

business commitment

The genuine will possessed by the Saboga Group family has produced the commitment to always keep a hold on to our core business. Saboga Group’s business commitment provides a solid business foundation for continued growth without neglecting the true identity of the company.


All of our operational outlets have proven that the Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA business is capable of showing evidence that the business is worth developing under a franchise concept, as facts show that it is capable of enduring various economic obstacles for several, and even tens of years.